6 ways to celebrate your retirement

6 ways to celebrate your retirement

Indeed retirement marks an end to career but it’s the testimony to your determination, hard work, skills, management, knowledge implementation that you have carried throughout your career to render your service to the organization.  It’s obvious to cherish the occasion by throwing a party or going on a trip. Here are some ways to make your retirement memorable.

Plan a retirement party

Apart from farewell organized by the retiring organization, you can also plan a small party, medium gathering or a big bash to mark your retirement. Invite your customers, client and coworkers to spend some quality time with them. Express your gratitude to them for their support and understanding. You can decide the theme, choose your favorite place to invite the people.

Go for a trip

Limited duration of vacation might have been a hindrance on your long trip. Now you are a free bird to explore the sky. You can go on international trips and immerse in the place you visit. Retirees have the liberty to travel during the weekdays. Traveling during the weekdays are cheaper than the weekend. Even you can also avail the last-minute offers as you are not bound to any appointments and meetings.

Spend time with your families

Post-retirement time is the best time to relax at your home. You can spend the time at www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/ finding 2020 medicare supplement rates and with your families. You will not get disturbed by any phone calls or emails. Pour your heart out to your spouse and share the experiences with your grandkids.

Preserve your memories

You have gone through many ups and towns, you can preserve that reminiscence by making a memory book. Organize all your pictures into a photo book and take time to add captions and dates. You can also write your memoir and publish a book based upon it.

Take classes

Conduct classes and pursue your dream which has been deprived due to workload. Take the piano or painting classes etc.  You can also take classes in the college in the subject that that interests you.  You can also organize workshops or motivating sessions.


Give back some financial gifts to your alma mater, charity and to your family members. Do volunteering for some social organizations and share the experiences and skills you have. Work for the society at the ground level. Visit orphanage, celebrate your birthday with the poor children.

5 ways to save money on retirement travel

5 ways to save money on retirement travel

It might be the top retirement goal of many people to travel once they retire.  But at that time financial budget is one of the major obstacles. You may run short of money to fulfill your dream. Here is some instrumental advice to follow your dream :

Choose an appropriate time for traveling

Many places have a certain peak season during which it attracts visitors. At that time local foods are served, local festivals are organized to showcase their culture and rituals. The price to visits these places during the peak season will make a big hole in your pocket. Instead, traveling during offseason will help you in saving a lot of money. It will fetch you discounts on everything right from traveling cost to the accommodation rates. However, avoid the extreme downtime when the weather condition is terrible and all shops shut down.

Avail discounts

Many agencies and organization provide discounts to their members. You can enroll in one of them. Even, many agencies include special discounts for senior citizens. There are special accommodation arrangements also for the senior citizen. Talk to a travel guide to get more such information available in your region.

Get benefitted by credit cards

Using a credit card for your daily purposes helps you in saving money. This money is saved either in the form of cash back or discounts. Many credit cards also entitle you the travel rewards, which help in accumulation of good bonus point in your account. These points can be redeemed later to find exciting discounts on flight tickets and hotels. Choose your credit cards wisely if you are dreaming to see the world.

Hotel is not the only option

There are many options available other than the cheaper hotels. You can stay in Airbnb rentals which is much cheaper and also helps in interacting with the locals. Homestay option also comes at a cheaper rate with the essence of local foods and culture. Renting a home where the kitchen is attached can also lower down your expense.

Use travel blogs

Exploring travel blogs also helps you in getting an idea to get saved from the local touts who demand higher money. You will find out all the places where you can stay and eat at cheaper rates. Travel blogs have edge over the traditional guides. You can save your time, money and many more at the comfort of sitting at the home. Find 2020 medicare supplements at www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ so you can travel.

What you should know about traveling as a senior?

What you should know about traveling as a senior?

I assume that you are a retired individual reading this article in the hope of finding relief from the monotonous life. If so, visit www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/quotes/ then you have come to the right place for 2020 medicare supplement quotes. This article will provide you with the right kind of information and/or motivation to initiate travel. Let us have a look on how you can travel in style.

Start preparing early

Early preparation is the key to a hassle-free travel. Also, it facilitates in keeping the travel arrangements on budget. As a retired individual, it is more frequently than not a concerning aspect on how to keep the expenses under control. Therefore, it is highly recommended to research well in advance. Through internet, newspaper ads and word of mouth, you can get valuable information. Starting the preparation well in advance means that you can always cross-check your work for authenticating the sources of information. Furthermore, you can always get the best deals available in the market and can ease up financial burdens by starting early.

Travel with a peer-group

Why not travel with a group to your chosen destination(s)? Travelling with a group has a number of advantages. Firstly, deciding to travel with you long-term friends will provide you with added excitement to your journey. Besides, group travel is beneficial for reducing travelling expenses in the form of renting shared accommodation, for instance. Also, travelling with a group promises you to provide with any kind of help to age-related problems which might prove necessary. Finally, deciding to travel in a group is financially beneficial, since booking a flight in group(s) can help you attain generous discounts in ticket prices.

Choose a connecting flight

Although time consuming, opting to travel via a connecting flight will award you with further reductions in ticket prices. In order to make such journey(s) worthwhile, it is advisable to bring some pastime hobbies with yourself, since it will help you with spending time joyously and meaningfully.

Select Visa-free countries

Deciding to visit visa-free countries will not only save you from paying a visa fee, but it will also spare you from the hassles of arranging for a successful visa application. Also, you will not have to do the anxious waiting for the visa application decision. Therefore, you can remain hassle free all through if you choose to visit the visa-free countries. There is no age for travel. However, pensioners are in the most advantageous position if they decide to travel. All they need to do is start researching and preparing early to avail the maximum pleasure of travelling.    

Interesting things to do during retirement

Interesting things to do during retirement

A lot is planned before the retirement and a lot is left to be executed after the retirement. Meanwhile, you need to find the correct source to invest your energy. Don’t forget that you are retired not exhausted. Your experiences and networking are going to create a new difference. When most of the people retire at 65, Colonel Sanders started the world famous KFC.  There is a will there’s a way, you need persistence throughout your life. Here some of the to-do lists are provided for the retirees.

Limit your expenses

Keep all allowances and benefits that you get after retirement for the future use. Your life will be dependent on pension, so cut down the unnecessary cost. Make a budget and follow it strictly for an easy going life. Meet some financial advisor to plan your budget.

Remodel your home

Rearrange the stuff in your home. You have now ample time to organize the things as per your choice. Create a positive ambiance inside the home. You can also add the additional space to start your projects. Apply your creativity to give a good interior designing.

Explore the world

There is limited time after your retirement when you are fit enough to travel. Travel across the world to make maximum out of your time. Enjoy a different phase of life where no projects and meeting will bother you. Be the captain of your ship to sail farther and further.

Start a business

Use career experiences to start something of your own, to chase your dream. You can also partner with someone to get a 2020 medicare advantage comparison new venture. Hire a people under you, get them to the work and inculcate your entrepreneurship skills. You can also take franchise of some well-established company.


Teach in colleges or start your own coaching institute. You can also volunteer some social initiatives. You can establish your own library. Poor students who have lack of money can also be benefited under your guidance and mentorship. Your experiences are screaming from inside to share a lot of stories, go and grab the platform for it. Billions of minds can be ignited by your ideas.

Go for public service

You can also step in politics. Join in as a member of municipal welfare. You can also join the school board senate. Showcase your leadership skills. Bring a change in society.

6 alternatives to full-time retirement

6 alternatives to full-time retirement

Working vigorously and taking sudden brakes due to retirement is not a good choice. Slowly and gradually, work hours can be reduced instead of taking complete retirement. You can also opt for part-time jobs to stay a little busy. Business is also one among the greatest alternative if the retirement.  Here are some alternatives to the traditional retirement.

Phased retirement

Retirement doesn’t mean a full stop to your career. You can still work for certain days in a week. You can also work as a mentor or advisor for any firm for the limited schedule. But, choose your job wisely, it should not disrupt your happy schedule.

Part-time jobs

If you are not able to reduce the working time from daily job schedule then go for part-time jobs. The job should not be much rigorous and timing should be as per your convenience. Get such types of Job which match with your interest. Such as training students for skill development. It also opens the avenues for some income and keeps you indulge in some activities.

Second career

Many time people wait for their retirement when they get frustrated due to their job. You can think of switching to the second career option. You can learn some new skills and apply to the new company. Many industries introduce 2019 medicare advantage plans which helps the older employee in switching to a new position.

Seasonal work

If you are getting an adequate pension, you do not require to work throughout the year. Search for the seasonal work, where only a few months are required to be invested. This will be comfortable as well as a source of revenue. Work in the resort for a few months. volunteer for the local fest, guide the tourist visiting at your nearby places.

Get back to school

Every one of us has a lot of school and college stories  We often become nostalgic while reminiscing the school and college. Many private and state universities offer courses for senior residents. There are also many retirement communities founded by scholars.

Mini retirement

Plan your career in such a way that it doesn’t require to take huge retirement. You can also go for mini-retirement which is more than a vacation. It can range from some months to a year.  It is one of the best alternatives to traditional retirement. It helps in enjoying the leisure period throughout your career.

Helping seniors understand some myths about annuities in retirement?

Helping seniors understand some myths about annuities in retirement?

If you are planning to make annuity part of your retirement, then it’s essential to understand the breakout of the plan. An annuity is in general a series of  payment over a fixed period of time. It gives a steady source of income in the future. Payments are carried out in numerous ways.  Depending on the annuity, you can make payment in a lump sum and then receive payments lifetime  for some years. Money can also be deposited in installments and then receive regular payment. Return amounts are also of different types like fixed and variable amounts. With so many annuities in the market, it becomes quite confusing to choose the suitable one. Through this article, it has been tried to solve the conundrum and to reveal the realities behind it. 

All annuities are the same

There are wide ranges of annuities also as there are stocks and bonds. Generally, there are two types of annuities: an immediate annuity and a deferred annuity. With an immediate annuity, you deposit and lump sum amount and immediately start earning. With a deferred annuity, you get money after a long period with fixed rates of return.

Annuities have a low rate of return

Annuities have a set rate of interest. Fixed annuity enables you to know the total amount you are going to receive in future because it has a fixed rate. If you are going for variable annuity, the amount depends on the stock market. So, the amount may be more as well as less also than the principal amount.

Annuity fees are much higher

Annuities fees are varying and depending on various factors. You need to understand the expense before signing something. Variable annuity depends on the expense risk fee, management charges etc.  The fee also depends upon the life expectancy so the charges may vary for different age groups.

After death,  money will be kept by insurance company

It is expected to get huge money when you opt for life only plans and the rest money for to the insurance company. But, if you have beneficiary agreement, they are entitled to receive your money after the death. Read terms and condition properly before coming to the agreement. Many insurance company include beneficiary terms in their base contract. However this terms may incur some additional charges.

So, invest your money wisely after a lot of market research.

7 retirement gift ideas

7  retirement gift ideas

We generally celebrate the retirement of our colleagues by bidding adieu to them and presenting them with the gifts. Gift selection is really not a piece of cake, Here we have provided you with some of the gift ideas for the people who are retiring.

Connecting sentiments

Scrapbooks, photo frame, and collection of notes are some invaluable gifts which contain a lot of emotions. It carries a lot of untold stories, success stories, and memories of beautiful moments which have been spent together.  Compiling of memories in the form of picture and notes requires some effects but it will always be cherished by the retirees.

Spend some moments

You can give some experiential gifts to the retirees to make new memories and to pour your heart out. Offer them to join you in any concert and the entire expense should be borne by you. Offering them the movie ticket to watch the movie along with you is also a noble idea.

Social retirement gifts

People feel isolated and lonely after retirement, so giving them the invitation to attend some social events will always be a good step.  Commit your time to those who are retired and help them to rediscover the reason for leading the life.

Gifts related to the hobby

If you are aware of the hobbies of the retirees or know what they wish to do in his leisure time after retirement then you can gift them accordingly. You can gift them a subscription of some publications, membership for activities like painting and dancing etc.

Industry related gifts

The gifts fall under this range are a memento, greeting cards issued by the organization or some catalog related to the industry. For example, you belong to the health industry then stethoscope or fitness books are ideally suited portion for you.

Commemorative gifts

There are some gift options available to mark the commemoration. A watch, greeting cards, t-shirts printed with the year of service written on it can be gifted to the retirees.  A painting or memento of the company can also be gifted 

Personalized retirement gifts

These are one among the best gifts you can give you retirees. You can customize the t-shirt with retirees’ profession or nickname. Mugs, diaries, and mobile cover can also be personalized by writing some heartfelt messages and wishes.  Wall clocks or cricket bat can also be gifted by putting retirees name on it.