6 ways to celebrate your retirement

6 ways to celebrate your retirement

Indeed retirement marks an end to career but it’s the testimony to your determination, hard work, skills, management, knowledge implementation that you have carried throughout your career to render your service to the organization.  It’s obvious to cherish the occasion by throwing a party or going on a trip. Here are some ways to make your retirement memorable.

Plan a retirement party

Apart from farewell organized by the retiring organization, you can also plan a small party, medium gathering or a big bash to mark your retirement. Invite your customers, client and coworkers to spend some quality time with them. Express your gratitude to them for their support and understanding. You can decide the theme, choose your favorite place to invite the people.

Go for a trip

Limited duration of vacation might have been a hindrance on your long trip. Now you are a free bird to explore the sky. You can go on international trips and immerse in the place you visit. Retirees have the liberty to travel during the weekdays. Traveling during the weekdays are cheaper than the weekend. Even you can also avail the last-minute offers as you are not bound to any appointments and meetings.

Spend time with your families

Post-retirement time is the best time to relax at your home. You can spend the time at www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/ finding 2020 medicare supplement rates and with your families. You will not get disturbed by any phone calls or emails. Pour your heart out to your spouse and share the experiences with your grandkids.

Preserve your memories

You have gone through many ups and towns, you can preserve that reminiscence by making a memory book. Organize all your pictures into a photo book and take time to add captions and dates. You can also write your memoir and publish a book based upon it.

Take classes

Conduct classes and pursue your dream which has been deprived due to workload. Take the piano or painting classes etc.  You can also take classes in the college in the subject that that interests you.  You can also organize workshops or motivating sessions.


Give back some financial gifts to your alma mater, charity and to your family members. Do volunteering for some social organizations and share the experiences and skills you have. Work for the society at the ground level. Visit orphanage, celebrate your birthday with the poor children.